Dr. David Newman is a Montgomery county native.

He graduated from Upper Dublin High School and received a Bachelor’s of Science degree from The Pennsylvania State University.  He then went on to spend the majority of his professional career working in a variety of sales and sales management roles in the healthcare industry where he was the recipient of many local, regional, and national awards.  Most notably, Dr. Newman spent five years working for a Fortune 500 company specifically working directly with chronic pain patients, often time spending his day in the area’s operating rooms working directly with the region’s tops surgeons and health care providers.  

Through that experience, he got to gain first-hand knowledge the challenges people in pain face with today’s healthcare solutions.  He grew frustrated by working with many providers who cared more about their businesses than they did about their patient’s well-being.  Determined to be a part of the solution rather than just complaining about the problem, he decided to take action, and made a life change by going back to chiropractic school.

Dr. David Newman is the sole owner and operator of The Head and Spine Pain Center of PA. Dr. Newman graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Florida campus in 2015 with academic and clinical honors.  Specifically, Dr. Newman graduated Magna Cum Laude and Salutatorian of his class.  He is trained on a variety of chiropractic techniques including, but not limited to, Palmer package, Gonstead, and Diversified techniques.

Also, Dr. Newman received extra hands-on training in Sports, Graston instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, Flexion-Distraction, Thompson technique, and the Activator technique.  During school and after, he attended seminars for additional training and certifications.

These include:

  • Motion Palpation Institute Lower Extremity;
  • Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) Spine, Lower Extremity and Upper Extremity;
  • Functional Movement Screen 1&2;
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment 1&2, and
  • Redcord Neurac 1.
  • Trigenics Knee
  • Trigenics Shoulder

This extra training gives him the education and experience to treat the soft tissue and neuromuscular issues that many other providers cannot and do not address.

Dr. Newman is Pennsylvania’s first and only EPIC trained provider. EPIC stands for Evolutionary Percussive  Instrument Corrections.  A few years ago, his daughter started to develop migraine headaches that were very debilitating.  Not wanting to put her on pharmacotherapy, Dr. Newman sought chiropractic treatment for her.  The response she had to chiropractic changed Dr. Newman’s outlook and focus on the practitioner he wanted to be.  He purposed to study the most researched and effective techniques to help others who also wanted an alternative way to not just band aid their symptoms, but to treat the root cause of them.   This is why Dr. Newman decided to become an EPIC practitioner.    EPIC is the latest advancement in upper cervical care.   It is a well-researched, safe, gentle, and advanced chiropractic technique.  EPIC has taken an already proven and effective technique and has added many improvements and advancements in technology to it.


Dr. Newman currently resides in Collegeville, PA with his wife, three children and their two dogs, both Boxers.  He is a man of faith who strives to serve his Creator, and his community, in the best way possible.  He has always been an avid sports fan, especially anything Philadelphia.   He spent years playing competitive basketball and many other sports for most of his life.  Additionally, Dr. Newman enjoys staying active mentally as much as he does staying active physically, always trying to read the latest information and attending seminars to sharpen his skill set.  Dr. Newman considers it an honor and privilege to serve each patient whom puts their health in his hands.

Active Release Technologies

EPIC Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Trappe / Collegeville, PA

The Head & Spine Pain Center proudly provides EPIC Upper Cervical and traditional full spine chiropractic in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in the areas surrounding Trappe and Collegeville. We offer painless, non-surgical technology for the treatment of severe headaches/migraines, back & neck pain, vertigo, disc herniations, sports injuries and performance, as well as other neurological conditions.
M, W, TH : 9:30AM – 1PM ; 3PM – 6:00PM
TUE : 9:30AM – 2:30PM
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