Why Choose Us

We Utilize Advanced Non-Surgical & Pain free Technology To Effectively Treat Head & Spine Pain

If you’re suffering from headaches, neck pain, spinal arthritis and other neck related issues, then we may be the answer that you’ve been desperately seeking.

We at The Head & Spine Pain Center use advanced non-surgical technology that delivers a gentle precise sound wave impulse that has been specifically designed to treat such complaints.

In fact our treatments are so effective, we are proud to say that some patients report an immediate relief or resolution of symptoms on their first or second treatment… despite the severity of their condition and how long they’ve been suffering.

The concept is simple

Our goal is to properly align the top two bones in your neck.

When the atlas and axis bones are aligned, your head is “on straight” and your brain can effectively communicate with your body to achieve optimal function.


What Makes Our Treatment Technology So Effective?

Our treatments are very precise. Unlike other forms of treatment that utilizes manual (i.e. traditional chiropractic) twisting and “popping” of the neck, our technology delivers your treatment via sound waves. Sound waves allow a consistent and reliable force each and every time, which enables us to deliver a precise treatment on each and every visit to accelerate your recovery and provide greater results.

Because the force of the adjustment is so low, you won’t even feel the adjustment being delivered… however you will feel the benefits of care with the removal of your pain and symptoms.

Our Goal Is To Help You Re-Gain Your Health.

At the The Head & Spine Pain Center not only is our goal to remove your pain, but also to provide lasting results.

Due to our treatment precision and custom treatment protocol, our care results in less visits between adjustments, fewer adjustments, and dramatic results when compared with other forms of chiropractic.

We are not interested in making you come back to the office over and over again, needing to rely on us to feel and function like you should.

This really may be the solution you have been searching for.

EPIC Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Trappe / Collegeville, PA

The Head & Spine Pain Center proudly provides EPIC Upper Cervical and traditional full spine chiropractic in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in the areas surrounding Trappe and Collegeville. We offer painless, non-surgical technology for the treatment of severe headaches/migraines, back & neck pain, vertigo, disc herniations, sports injuries and performance, as well as other neurological conditions.
M, W, TH : 9:30AM – 1PM ; 3PM – 6:00PM
TUE : 9:30AM – 2:30PM
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