Understanding the Risks of Surgery for Neck Pain

BY: David Newman
POSTED April 2, 2017 IN

Neck Pain, Neck Ache, Neck Injury, Neck Trauma, Neck Alignment, text neck, texting If one is suffering from severe neck pain, he may feel that surgery is the only option. We want to help people understand what risks are involved and inform you of available options before taking the serious step of neck surgery.

If one has osteoarthritis, narrowing of the blood vessels, or thyroid issues, he may feel that his only option to relieve neck pain is surgery. Before delving into another more natural option, let’s take a look at the risks involved.

  • Excessive bleeding: Too much blood loss during surgery can cause doctors to consider a blood transfusion. This can cause additional complications, such as blood-borne illnesses and problems with compatibility, leading to a longer recovery period or even health problems that may ensue later on.
  • Dysfunctional difficulties: Post-surgery complications can result in anything from sexual problems to bladder and bowel issues.
  • Medical problems involved: Any surgery carries risk with it. When considering neck surgery, such things as spinal cord damage should be considered. This can lead to a stroke, heart attack, or blood clots. Some have even died on the operating table.

Sadly, we cannot avoid having accidents, and there are occasions where surgery is vital and life-saving. However, it is important to be informed of the risks involved and the options available. As mentioned earlier, there is an alternative to surgery that has helped many to cope successfully with neck pain.

EPIC Chiropractic Care and Neck Pain

Upper cervical doctors closely examine the neck to find out if a misalignment is the source of the pain. It only takes a misalignment of ¼ of a millimeter to cause problems throughout the entire body. Using modern diagnostic technology, we look closely at the neck to find where this misalignment lies. Then a gentle method is utilized to encourage the neck bones to move back into place, rather than popping or cracking the neck. Once misalignments in this sensitive part of the body are corrected, muscle and tissue damage can begin to repair itself, and many find relief from neck pain.

Dr. David Newman is the sole owner and operator of The Head and Spine Pain Center of PA. Dr. Newman graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Florida campus in 2015 with academic and clinical honors. Specifically, Dr. Newman graduated Magna Cum Laude and Salutatorian of his class. He is trained on a variety of chiropractic techniques including, but not limited to, Palmer package, Gonstead, and Diversified techniques.
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